Monday, 9 January 2012

To See or Not To See.

I don't know about you guys, but resolutions have never worked for me; be it trying not to oversleep or being a regular at college. The latter being this year's resolution lasted, well it never actually began. I bunked the first day of college after new year's day. I just found it very unethical to be working right after new year's day, don’t u think?

The next day wasn't so bad, I ended up sleeping  through the entire day at college with frequent,not to mention annoying racket from the lecturers.

Anyway, as uneventful as the week was (except for the college making a few resolutions for the students about discipline and what not, which probably lasted as long as mine did) there weren't anything interesting going around except watching India being thrashed around like a rag doll caught in a storm in Australia.That was painful.Very painful indeed.

Im sure the team and every Indian wanted that event to be forgotten or at least make it invisible. For a fact such a a thing may soon be possible.The scientists at Cornell university have theorized that flow of light can be interrupted reaching our eyes and hence making us miss an entire event taking place and also proved it ; 

It’s called a Time Cloak; while other time cloaks involved space alteration such as light bending around objects whereas this one involves altering time itself using a special lens created for splitting light and slowing down one part relative to the other.

True story ;) Imagine the endless possibilities of such time cloaks; surprise birthday parties are never going to be the pressure tasks It once used to be while students can sneak a peek into books and just pretend they knew the answer all along. The cons? Well a lot! but it’s an amazing idea and definitely gains the attention it deserves.

It’s 10.30pm on Jan 9th 2012.After a hard (boring) day at college presenting project reviews which went surprisingly well by the way, especially after a bad start in the morning when i was asked to go home and think about being a responsible final year 'coz i didn't bring my ID card (those damn Id cards);As tempting as the offer seemed, i chose to stay; Yeah i'm definitely getting too soft, 
So here I am blogging right before the day, that many anticipate to be when the results for the Anna University deemed colleges are released or rather end up dramatically and symbolically saying “You Shall Not Pass!”
while many wish that event just never happened using the Time Cloak;
Anna University

It's coming guys,the results are coming. As a wise man once said 
"Exams may come,Exams may go; But we go on forever." 
Yes that wise man happens to be Ram Kumar Elavarasan.

Goodnight everyone.

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