Friday, 30 December 2011

The Year Gone by:

Well folks,It's 31st December 2011 and it's my second attempt at blogging already,all you party-hard freaks make sure, you make it count,with the alleged doomsday thingy in 2012 ,it is a good excuse to get into trouble
and you stay-at-home people,Do NOT miss the movies lined up on tv! Especially Inception! 

Looking back, this year had some of the most interesting events ever,It's fair share of scandals,disasters and fun.

Every Indian would cherish the year 2011 'coz The cricket world cup finally made it's way back after two long decades!
It was an amazing feeling watching Dhoni smack that ball over the stands soaring to a six while the crowd remained still for about half a second before the realization that the game had ended with the Indians now taking their well deserved victory from the Lankans.And many claim,it was only possible 'coz Superstar Rajnikanth was among the spectators.

On the grim side,the tsunami of march 2011 and the unrest in the middle east reminded us of how fragile life is.

The death of Osama bin Laden: the man the world feared,the Dictator Gaddafi were the most noted 

while Michael Gough(Alfred in Batman before the Nolan version),the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor,The talented Amy Winehouse and our very own Dev Anand were mourned.

The demise of  Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie claimed to be the end of the legendary era of ancient visionaries but not the end to technology.
The technology as we know today was initiated by Ritchie while Jobs crafted, developed and whoa! did a lot of  other insane things and created every teenager's and gadget geeks' their dreams and every parent their nightmares

While the death of so many greats was a mark on 2011,it did not fail to highlight the good things in life,
The world celebrated the wedding of his Royal Highness Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton on April 29th.

while Anna hazare fasted.



and fasted :-/

Though the lokpal bill is still yet to reach a proper draft suitable for the people,we can be sure that this man would not rest until  a perfect and strong statement of the bill is made.

His courage and determination has inspired the youth and adults alike in his and the nation's struggle against corruption and is now one of the best youth icons.

Though the government is far from doing anything about corruption except help it grow;be it anyone at the Centre; we being the victims,we must take the first step and should hereby stop downloading movies,songs and other pirated stuff online.And do not bribe the cops on stopping your vehicle,give him a lecture on Hazare and he might set u free,just might. Hey,don't look at me.Not eating isn't gonna help ;)

Finally as the world went through economic crisis over and over again,The Indians shared the anticipation and eventual joy with Abhishek Bachchan on his new born baby girl with Aishwarya Rai.
No,I'm not gonna make any jokes about the paternity thing.Oh wait.

The past year as i mentioned earlier was one with mixed actions and reactions,disasters and triumphs, good movies and Ra.One.

Speaking of movies,it was definitely the best year of comic book adaptations which is going to be even bigger the following year 2012! Comic book geeks and Scarlett Johannsen fans are gonna wake up everyday of the new year striking off one day from the calendar countdown to "The Avengers"

Oh and who could forget "Why dis kolaveri di?"  The song which was aimed at the 'soup boys' gained international attention and possibly the most unexpected hit this year claiming the song of the year by CNN and most viewed award by YouTube.It also spawned many versions but the original remains unmatched(in no specific sense).

But with the song having a distant Rajnikanth connection,I for one am not surprised. enna rascala! 

On a personal note,This year was a year were i had opportunities come my way and take a detour at the last minute; The phrase "a blessing in disguise" had a replacement with the "curse".
But in the long run,it was a year where i could put forth the lessons learnt in 2010,be a better person and stronger in the face of defeat and humiliation.

Getting partly run over by a bus in September and leaving behind a few friends and family who ended their journey this year,it is a sad but inescapable truth that life is fragile and we must move on with courage and hope in our hearts.

Santhosh Sampath,The boy who laughed at the face of his end,his optimism and determination touched many not only in their hearts but their very soul and he continues to live within us, among us.

It is this wise but crazy boy's philosophy of being so energetic and powerful in his optimism that every struggle should be met,faced,defeated and then poked in the eye ;)

The year ahead is going to present it's set of challenges,it's hardships,it's threats and trials!
It is up to us to either scorn,evade or look at it straight in the eye and say "Bring it on" 'cause u've already won when you know that you will get past this.

And with this; I, end this post by wishing you all


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