Friday, 18 May 2012

Other Side of Summer

Okay yeah it’s been quite a long time since my last post but hey there wasn’t a lot of interesting stuff going on unless u count the earthquake I slept through and the people flooding the beach shores waiting for a tsunami that never came.

Final year of college. Loads of free time, great opportunity to enhance your hidden talents right? We all know how that went: P

A class trip to hokenagal falls was fun but it kind of opened up on how very well maintained the Tamil Nadu tourism is.  Amazing how the stench and the surroundings can overpower the beauty of the nature. Another being the pool of plastic bottles at the bottom of the falls, it seemed almost intentional. The gods must be mad, speaking of gods; the Avengers taking on the God of mischief Loki himself has been a kickass flick!
If you haven’t watched it yet, I have just this to ask you...are you being tied down held captive by someone or are u one of those people who think twilight is the greatest movie ever?  

Staying on topic, I also caught this movie ‘Leelai’ last night, I must admit I did not have much hope for the movie with new cast and only went to watch ‘cause the music just seemed really good and fine,for Manasi Parekh too.

 I ended up eating my words 15mins through the movie, the actors were a natural and the plot though simple had an amazing screenplay with just the right dash of humor. Shiv pandit gifted with brilliant acting skills can be seen even in his smallest expressions ,Manasi has managed to play her role to the max while Suhasini Raju as Suja has enough screen time to bring out her best. It’s a great film, Do check it out, it’s a light hearted romantic comedy waiting to get inside of your senses and wrestle ‘em.

Anyway the last few weeks were probably one of the most annoying ones for guys from AU deemed, the Anna University postponing the exams and almost seemed as never coming as the rains in Chennai.  The fact of combining all the branches of AU under a common authority seemed like a good idea until the remarkable minds decided to impose it on the month when exams were gonna start. Oh and good luck for all those taking it.

So college at its end now, it has been an amazing experience for me, I’m sure it was for every one of you. Giving you the chance to grow up or at least pretend to, like I did :P .It has been one heck of a journey from being new to the whole new environment of my college, making great friends, meeting new people, joy of results, treat for arrears, it’s been warming to the heart and obviously unbelievable that these 4 years have made such a great impression on our lives now and forever.

 The people we met from college have influenced our lives to a great extent, us no longer being the kids we were back in high school; learning to be responsible ,failing at every possible way and picking ourselves up just to know how to survive & it was these guys who stuck by our side, encouraging or laughing or doing both.  We have come a long way, hard to believe that most of us have even started working considering we were hanging out in bicycles and tuitions just a few years ago holding out our hands for pocket money. Hopefully the many friendships made will always be maintained now that we have the social networks helping us with that. So to all you people out there who are going away on job stuff or higher education, it is always easy to make time for friends and family; it’s all about priorities in the end isn’t it?
 Have a great summer. :-D

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