Friday, 18 January 2013

New time

When i started this blog, i promised myself i'd keep writing, even if no one bothered to read*. Here i am, back after so long with the tinge of guilt that i  had almost broken my promise. The past year in my perspective was possibly the most unproductive year ever. Yes, including the fact I'm finally an Engineer. Yay. One more engineer to the flock of millions. Boo. So what life lessons did i learn the past year? keep your friends close. Especially the jobless ones 'cause C'mon you definitely need some company when you're that (how do i put this nice and neat) dormant that one more day of it and there'd be more cobwebs appearing in the last corner of your brain. Enjoying the possible final days of freedom as much as I can is a wonderful thing and i have seized every moment of it. honest! okay, so i slept half the time but that counts too! Catching up with friends who live in the same city yet meeting 'em after years shows how busy everyone is and how wide the gap has become or ahem: it's just plain laziness.

Another thing i learnt: though i have been preaching and practicing; how people shouldn't poke their noses in other's business, I've just realized that the percentage who actually do follow that are possibly equal to the same number of sentences Manmohan Singh spoke in the whole of 2012. Fortunately, I haven't been the victim of that and my finger did most of the talking when it did. Too bad i can't say the same to some of the people i know who are figuring out what they wanna do with their lives before taking the plunge into the icy world of work and responsibility where the only way of turning back is by going into a coma. I'm convinced the only way you don't tempt yourself into knocking your head with the hammer is by doing what you can, will and most importantly what you like. Ofcourse, there are people who are just so good at doing everything to whom the previous sentence does not apply, guys the line 'i'm very jealous of you' doesn't quite do justice to how i feel.

This year has new stuff happening.exciting stuff. you can actually feel the electricity in the air. Superior Spiderman #1 is also out! look it up.
To all my readers and friends, Its never too late to say a happy new year! and hope the future endeavours are successful and to those who are getting married this year: c'mon guys you're making us feel old! :P


*please read my blog! :P   -<@